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Your Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope for the Month Ahead

Imagine your best year ever, dear Sagittarius. What does it look like? Your monthly tarotscopes—or tarot horoscopes, a combination of tarot cards and astrology—can help you focus your energy and become your highest vibrational self. Are you ready?

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign with your monthly tarot horoscope, Sagittarius. And if you’d like more guidance, check out Glamour’s weekly horoscopes or consult the other zodiac signs’ monthly tarotscope

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based spiritual advisor, intuitive tarot card reader, and author whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

June 2021

Knight of Wands: Expect June to be a month filled with curiosity and adventure, my centaurs. Over the next few weeks, there will be new connections of all kinds—career networking, new friends, and your family may even be expanding—how exciting! You’ll be presented with the opportunity to take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before. Get your keyboard fingers ready, because this month will require intentional planning and itinerary writing.

I am also sensing an expansion of consciousness. Whether this will be through meditation—or something a little more trippy—stay open to opening your mind. It’s also suggested that you begin reading classic literature, and maybe even watching films from a different time period. Learning from the past will help you move boldly into the future. Try to surround yourself with creative thinkers, energetic folk, and people who can stir up an interesting debate. You’ll benefit from keeping people around who can offer you a new perspective on life. It seems you may have felt that life was stagnating a bit recently, but expect all of this to change as we move through the next few weeks with passion and creative juices flowing. The world is waiting anxiously to see what you conjure up in June with all of this new energy, Sag.

May 2021

The Devil: My adventurous, fiery Sag. It’s time to slow down, untangle this knotted mess, and reclaim your power in May. If you’ve found yourself losing track of time and falling into a bit of a slump, Spirit is asking that you start to reawaken to your truth. If we don’t acknowledge our shadow side, it will continue to rule our lives quietly and insidiously. Take this month to bring conscious awareness to the parts of yourself that need to heal, so you can be free from your habitual or addictive patterns once and for all.

For some of my Sagittarians, you may be embarking on a trip, picking up a new hobby, or exploring a passionate relationship in May. Make sure to cross your t’s and dot your i’s before Mercury retrograde hits later this month. You’ll have to set clear boundaries with the people you’re connecting with over the next few weeks. Continue to remind yourself: It’s not about what’s easiest; it’s about what’s healthiest. Speak up for yourself if something doesn’t feel right, and if the other party isn’t willing to comply, you’ll have to make the empowered decision to remove yourself from the situation. Whether it’s in matters of love, work, or family—put your well-being first in May!

April 2021

Queen of Swords: My centaurs, the month of April is going to ask you to show up boldly with discernment and your “no” muscle on full flex. There are too many people, with too many requests, and April will be your chance to finally understand that saying no is your superpower. When you allow yourself to be run dry by work, family, and your social circle—what energy do you have left for yourself? The…

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