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[Video] Trainers under fire for forcing guide dog onto escalator

Two guide dog trainers were under fire after a video of them forcing a guide dog onto an escalator was circulated online on Thursday.

The two men, who were wearing backpacks with a logos suspected to be of the Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services, were seen dragging a black dog onto a moving escalator.

One of them, wearing a blue shirt, was pulling the leash in front while the other pushes the dog from behind.

From the video, the dog wearing a red vest seemed to be unwilling to go onto the escalator, with his forelegs gripping on the floor and his head lowered to the ground, refusing to move forward.

The video attracted netizens to comment, with some saying that the two men “should be the ones who needed training.”

Some others also commented that the dog is showing signs that he is not ready to be trained and should be respected by the two men.

Earlier this week, another video also surfaced online, showing a woman forcefully pulling a guide dog with the leash to make it turn and caused the dog to moan.

The woman was also suspected to be from the same organization as the two men, which netizens are calling the authorities to look into the matter and urging the organization to give an appropriate response.

Video provided by Max Lau on Facebook.

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