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Understanding a Quincunx in Astrology and Its Impact on You | Well+Good

Astrology 101 refresher: Aspects are the angles that planets form as they travel through the cosmos, and each angle affects us in different ways, and in different areas of our lives, depending on their position. You often hear about the major aspects such as square, trine, and sextile. But, there’s another that’s not as buzzy—yet worth noting—called a quincunx.

For example, let’s say someone’s Jupiter in Pisces is quincunx to their Mars in Leo in their natal chart. These two signs (Pisces and Leo) have different languages and outlooks on life, says Lumi Pelinku, an astrologer and spiritual advisor. Mars in Leo (a fire sign) drives things forward without thinking twice, while Jupiter in Pisces (a water sign) looks at things from a soul level and values empathy over showmanship. “To synthesize these two aspects, you will have to seek a sense of grounding by seeing the strengths of the other in order to get the work done,” Pelinku says.

Some people don’t have any quincunx in their charts, while others may have multiple. Discovering that you do, however, can be a huge relief for some people, as it provides an understanding and can help explain why you experience challenges in certain areas, says Dana DeFranco, an astrologer, and co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast.

What is a quincunx?

A quincunx, also referred to as an inconjunct, occurs when two planets are 150 degrees apart—or, you can also look at this as being zodiac signs that are five signs apart. The easiest way to find which signs are quincunx to each other is to locate your opposite zodiac sign and then look to the two signs that are adjacent to that opposite sign. For example, Aries’ opposite sign on the zodiac wheel is Libra. So whatever planets are in Aries in your birth chart can be quincunx to which ever planets are in Virgo (the sign before Libra) or Scorpio (the sign after Libra).

Here’s what makes inconjuncts challenging aspects: “Quincunx have nothing in common, like two irreconcilable notions,” says DeFranco. “These two planets don’t have a relationship to each other, but they have to exist within the same person. It’s like being able to hold two incompatible truths as true.” As you can imagine, this creates inner tension. And the challenge, says Pelinku, is in finding how two planets residing in different signs can work together when their energies are completely different.

Here’s a breakdown of zodiac signs that are quincunx to each other

How to find quincunx in your birth chart

Because quincunx are a more advanced angle, to find out if you have any in your natal chart, booking a sesh with a trusted astrologer would be the easiest thing. They’ll help you pinpoint what the quincunxes are and provide some guidance on how to integrate the two differing energies.

But if you want to do a mini DIY astrology reading, DeFranco recommends pulling up your natal chart on Astrograph or the Time Passages app (both free!). Then look for the word “inconjunct” under aspects in your birth chart, and read a bit of what any particular quincunx mean for you.

Quincunx and relationships

While quincunx can exist within our individual natal charts, another way to look at them is in our relationships with other people. For instance, let’s say your sun sign is Aries and your significant other’s sun sign is Virgo or Scorpio, both of which are quincunx to Aries. This doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed to fail,…

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