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Star signs and cannabis strains: June 2021 horoscopes

Summer is here, Stargazers! The long, cold nights of winter are drifting further into the rearview mirror, and the night skies have a lot to offer in this glorious month of June and Gemini season.

Things kick off with Venus entering into Cancer on June 2. Mars enters Leo on June 11 for a hefty dose of charisma and energy (especially for you Fire signs). The real MVP of the month though is, of course, the Summer solstice on June 20. As with starting any new season, this is the perfect time to evaluate the material objects you’ve accumulated in the last year (or maybe just the stuff you treated yourself to during Taurus season). Welcome in the summer by exuding warmth and sunshine whenever you can, to whomever may need it.

Your June Horoscope


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy Birthday, Gemini! June is a glorious month for you and the stars are aligning just right! On June 2, Venus enters into reserved Cancer. This celestial pairing is great for bringing out the sage listener in everyone. Maybe a friend has been offering some advice you’ve been shutting out. Give them a chance to explain. You never know where that road might take you.

On June 10 there is a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. This is a rejuvenating, fun period of the month. Host a gathering, or be willing to say “yes” to some social functions that you’d normally skip out on. On June 22, your ruler — Mercury — goes direct again (in Gemini) which will be a welcome reprieve for almost every stargazer out there. Finally, there is a full moon in Capricorn on June 24. This should turn up your attention to detail to an 11.

June strain: Happy Gemini season, Twins! If you don’t plan on leaving home for this auspicious month, you can still conjure up a beach vacation with a strain like Tropicana Cookies. This sativa offers a fruity scent profile and a balanced mix of cerebral effects with a soft, body buzz. Users report this is a great, everyday strain.


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy Summer solstice, Cancer! The middle of the month is shaping up nicely, but first, you gotta power through the first two weeks. On June 2, Venus enters your sign. This pairing can be an emotional one for a private crab like yourself. Don’t be afraid to step back from the social world and give yourself a break.

On June 10, there is a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. Given that your ruler is the moon, this will be a period of bloom for you, Crab. Take up a new hobby or skill. Change your name and move to a new city. Just kidding (kind of). On a serious note, this really is a wonderful time to invest in your future self.

On June 22 Mercury finally corrects course and goes direct in Gemini. Breathe that sigh of relief you’ve been holding in! Things are starting to look up. There is a full moon in Capricorn on June 24. This is a perfect time to put a neat little bow on the month and bury it in the backyard. Start fresh with bright, warm days ahead!

June strain: There is no shame in taking time for yourself, Crabs. Pack a bowl of Ghost Train Haze and turn off that phone full of unanswered, unimportant messages! This Sativa strain is 17 percent THC and is great for addressing the minor aches and pains of life, but users with anxiety should probably steer clear of this strain. Users report low doses help them stay focused, while heavier hits produce deep, cerebral haze.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy June, Lions! As a sign ruled by the sun, June couldn’t get any brighter for you! On June 2 Venus enters into Cancer. The combination of private Cancer with open, emotional Venus often brings out the sage listener in…

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