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Newsmax Runs Desperate Segment Attacking Joe Biden’s Dog Champ

Newsmax host Greg Kelly, apparently having run out of material with which to attack the human occupant of the White House, directed his ire late Friday at President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Champ. The right-wing TV host said, “Did you see the dog? I wanted to show you something I noticed. Doesn’t he look a little rough? I love dogs, but this dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care. I’ve never seen a dog in the White House like this. I remember Buddy, I remember Milly, I remember lots of dogs, but not a dog who seems… I don’t know. I don’t know how much love and care he is getting. This dog looks like, I’m sorry, like it’s from the junkyard.” Craig Shirley, a presidential historian, agreed with Kelly, calling Champ, “dirty and disheveled.”

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