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Kevin Harvick Explains Desperate Attempt to Pass Kyle Busch in a Bid to Qualify

At the Martinsville Speedway, Kevin Harvick was getting increasingly desperate. With 1 lap to go, Harvick needed to make up a place, and Kyle Busch was in his way. Unfortunately, the #18 car pretty much became a bus for him, so there was no way around him.

In a last-ditch effort, Kevin Harvick tried to lunge down the inside of Busch. Unfortunately, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver held firm, so the Stewart-Haas Racing driver was forced to change his tactics rather dramatically. To be precise, he tried to spin Busch and gain a free place.

Unfortunately, he overcooked it and ended up spinning himself as well. Naturally, this undid all his hard work because he ended up clipping the wall. Meanwhile, Kyle Busch ended up doing a full 360° spin and managed to preserve his position.

Kevin Harvick likely regrets the move in hindsight

Explaining his actions after the race, he said, “Everyone kept battling there, I tried to run into the door of the #18 as a last-ditch effort and spun him out. Sorry to put him in the middle of trying to gain a point.

“Not a great three weeks and it didn’t go our way. We fought for everything they had and just came up short. These championships aren’t like winning like Petty and Earnhardt used to win them.

“You have to put them together three weeks at a time.”

Kevin Harvick acknowledged that everything boiled down to what happens in one race. Sadly, that made the difference for him, and he has to wait until 2021 to try again. In hindsight, the last gasp lunge was probably a terrible idea and Kevin Harvick found that out the hard way.

Now all he can do is ruminate on what could have been. On the other end of the spectrum, he could try and help his fellow Ford drivers, Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski.

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