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How to Create Your Own Astrology Birth Chart for Personal Horoscopes

1st House (also known as the ascendant or AC)

The 1st House in the astrology chart represents you. It shows how you carry yourself and what people first notice about you. If you have any planets in your 1st House, then they will have a significant effect on your overall personality, energy, and vibe.

2nd House

The 2nd House represents personal finances and wealth. It shows how much money you can earn, your innate desire to gain materialism or quest for your confidence and self-worth.

3rd House

This is where you will look to see how you communicate with others and your schooling. It also describes the type of relationship you have with your siblings and roommates.

4th House

What are your values and family like? Look to the 4th House to find out what your personal foundation is—also, how you love and care for your brood and home life.

5th House

This is the House of pleasure, playfulness, creativity, and casual dating. It’s where you can look to see who, what, when, and how you’re crushing on someone—and what kind of dates you like to go on.

6th House

The 6th House represents health, daily routine, and self-care. If you’re looking for an excuse for a spa day, then this is where you can look to see when to schedule one for maximum results.

7th House

Who and how you love is defined by checking out this area of the birth chart. By peeping here, you can find the ideal person you want to commit to and invest in, long-term.

8th House

Personal transformation is shown here. You can see how you will evolve over time. Look here to see your relationship with credit card debt, college loans, and pay raises.

9th House

Higher education, travel, philosophy, and adventure are found in the 9th House. By looking here, you can find out what you enjoy studying and how to pursue your personal ideology.

10th House

This is the house of public image—what you share and give to others, and how you want to be perceived by the world. It also represents your professional calling and status.

11th House

This house defines the types of friendships, groups, community, and associations you make. More importantly, the members of your crew that have your back and fight for the same causes.

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