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How to (Finally) Start Meditating

Brach says that “if somebody else was whispering into my ear all the nonsense that my brain comes up with, I wouldn’t put up with it for a minute.” Goldstein, too, says that it’s important to realize this is a common experience of every meditator.“It doesn’t mean that the practice isn’t working or that we can’t do it, it’s just a manifestation…

20 ways to overcome the stresses of 2020

This year has left us all in a state of anxiety. Here are 20 stress-busting ways to leave it all behind. 1. Exercise. There’s probably no single thing you can do to ease anxiety faster than simply moving your body. Exercise lowers cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, and releases endorphins, which improve mood and act as a natural painkiller.…

Guided meditation on virtual mode

THANJAVUR A guided meditation on the virtual mode will form part of final day events of the three-day online spiritual initiation - “Reset, Refresh, Re-Heart” organised by Heartfulness Institute from December 31.According to sources, the guided meditation would be conducted by Reverent Daaji, Global Guide, Heartfulness Institute wherein the…

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