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Boracay hotels unite to remind tourists why they first fell in love with the

It’s no secret that one of the worst hit industries in this global pandemic is tourism. As economies contract and people’s mobility and activities are lessened, the world of travel is reeling from losses either discouraging or downright depressing. 

There is, however, a group of hotels in Boracay setting an inspiring message of unity for the travel industry in the Philippines. One Boracay was initially formed to help businesses in the island, mainly the tourism-oriented ones, during the 2018 closure. Though well-intentioned, the six-months-long rehabilitation gravely affected businesses due to the temporary halt of tourism in the island. One Boracay led a fundraising campaign, and put together job fairs, to support the workers. The group also initiated beach cleanups and tree planting activities to support the government’s thrust to make Boracay an example of sustainable tourism.

Transport services of hotels are also sanitized regularly. Photo from Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay

Today, a group of hotels and resorts have come together with the goal of promoting Boracay in the time of pandemic. The One Boracay Hotel Group is a voluntary gathering of many of the island’s most reputable brands led by their respective sales and marketing leaders. They intend to promote Boracay’s image as a fun and safe destination with the added come-on: the island has greatly benefited from the rehabilitation.

Boracay today is closer to how it looked during its early days as a destination—the clear stretches of white sand, the crystal clear water, the unobstructed vistas. The time the older generation likes to wax nostalgic about. This is what One Boracay Hotel Group wants to remind tourists, apart from the island’s unique charm created by the energy and hospitality of its locals. 

Hotels are ramping up their respective sanitation programs for their guests and the islands tourists. Photo from Alta Vista de Boracay

“Our banner campaign is entitled ‘Boracay Better Than Ever’ because we believe that with the ongoing rehabilitation of the island, the blossoming of Boracay’s marine biodiversity serves as one of many reasons why this island deserves to be revisited by tourists,” says 

Carmela Bocanegra, vice president for sales and marketing of Chroma Hospitality (Crimson Boracay). “Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other establishments try their best to be compliant and adaptive to the ‘new normal’. Speaking on behalf of the hotels and resorts, One Boracay Hotel Group is able to foster a shared sense of commitment to provide all tourists a safe and seamless return to the island. 

The group came together and drew up a marketing plan that was proposed to the bigger Boracay community – the LGU, Boracay Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Tourism’s Region VI as well as other stakeholders—to seek ideas on how the group can further synergize with the local community and other establishments apart from other hotels.

Common areas are regularly disinfected for the safety of guests, employees and the community. Photo from The Lind Boracay

It’s surprising that while it’s a time businesses are expected to be more aggressive and want bigger shares of the pie, there is a group that encourages unity and solidarity.

“The One Boracay Hotel Group believes that now is not the time to be disunited. Granted, all of the hotels and resorts are being creative in luring more tourists into their hotels as the island reopened last 1 October 1, but this is also our concerted effort to help the Department of Tourism in informing and educating tourists as we all adapt to vacationing in the time of COVID-19,” shares Nico Estrella, Director of Sales and Marketing of The Lind Boracay.

Another project to support the…

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