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Best CBD Companies of 2021: Top 5 CBD Brands

By Storyhub

CBD is everywhere nowadays, and for a good reason. It is finally legal just about everywhere you go, is a huge help to people that suffer from ailments relating to physical pain, anxiety, and stress, and can be purchased online plus shipped safely to customers’ doorsteps.

Users of CBD oils have extolled its virtues, discussing its help with common pains like headaches and cramps due to menstruation all the way to more difficult issues like insomnia or pain from accidents that happened years ago.

But with this legalization and ready availability came an influx of brands, some good, some not so good. Customers may not know who to trust and who they can turn to in the world of CBD.

This is where we come in. We have decided to do a roundup based on our research and customer reviews about the best CBD oil out there. You will find the best brands here, all of which are great for people just starting out.

Top 5 CBD Oil Brands:

1. FAB CBD Oil – Top-Quality and Editor’s Pick

2. Cheef Botanicals Most Affordable

3. CBDistillery – Pure Cannabidiol Oil

4. NuLeaf Naturals Most Potent Full Spectrum

5. Joy Organics Best Broad Spectrum

How We Came Up with The List?

In order to put this article together, we made a list of all CBD oil brands popular with consumers. Because of the spike in popularity of CBD, the list ended up being lengthy.

So, at that point, we had to cut it down. We then looked at what customers said, how the companies grew and processed their hemp, and what third party tests said about the final products created by these brands.

Once those results were compiled, we decided to cross off names one by one until we were left with five great names we felt confident displaying in our final article draft.

After that, we consulted with experts on CBD oils, influencers in the niche, actual customers, and journalists about hemp and cannabis culture to add to this article.

Criteria We Used To Choose The Best CBD Companies

When we started to cut down the lengthy list of CBD oil companies, we examined the products and the brand’s stance on:

Sources of hemp used in production

How effective the CBD oil blends were at relieving issues related to pain, mental health like anxiety, discomfort, and other ailments

If the processing facilities were clean, sanitary, and up to FDA standards

Brand reputation and customer opinion

THC levels once the CBD oil was bottled and put on the shelf

If the CBD oil is isolate, broad-spectrum or full spectrum

Lab tests and if they were readily posted on the websites for customers to view

Education of the brand- did they have a separate page on their site devoted to educating consumers about why CBD oil matters, why it is safe, why it is a good choice, etc.

Dosing instructions and advice for customers- was this offered?

As a result, only a few companies met our guidelines, and we would like to discuss them now- let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best CBD Companies [Full Reviews]

#1. FABCBD: Top-Quality and Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

Voted the best CBD oil for pain by West Word

Sold in potency ranging from 300mg to 2400mg

5 oil flavors

30-day product guarantee

FAB CBD has really carved out its space in the world of CBD thanks to it being the safest, best quality, and nicely priced CBD oil we’ve ever seen. They are a new company, relatively speaking, but they are well liked by customers and CBD aficionados.

The company has vast experience in the wellness industry. You combine this with the high level of customer service offered by the company, its transparent ways of doing business, and its constant lab…

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